First slide


General Partnership was founded


First Land real estate was purchased


RTC Savings & Loans Crisis


First commercial building was purchased


Portfolio created for sale


Remaining interest sold


Operating business purchased


Numerous properties added to the portfolio


SIM is forward looking energetic company

SIM was established in Arizona in 1978 by Tim Grant, Garry Jestadt and Ed Grant, III. As a General Partnership specializing in real estate syndications, the founding partners remain active in the business and have been joined in the past decade by both Ed and Ryan Grant, assuring a second generation of SIM’s successful business enterprise. While each Partner has specific project responsibilities, continual collaboration across all active assets provides a depth of support to each individual undertaking. This multi-disciplinary approach guarantees an experienced continuity of operations and lends additional linkage to investors and lenders. Today, the Founder’s original vision remains the same: build a sustainable business model based in a practical, disciplined, and forward-thinking approach to purchasing and investing in real estate. Each project we commit to is designed to thrive on principles of foresightedness, thorough due diligence, and integrity. As an Arizona-based company, we have been focused on real estate in our own backyard, although we also have experience throughout the Southwestern United States and Canada. Our long-term formula for success remains the same as it did four decades ago: we remain committed to a strong professional, civic, and moral engagement with our community, investors, lenders, and stakeholders. We keep our eyes focused towards strategically located growth and value opportunities, sometime long into the future. Considering the highs and lows seen throughout the Valley since SIM was founded in 1978, our history, and the Firm’s demonstrated ability to persevere throughout the cyclical nature of real estate makes us unique from almost any other developer operating in the Valley.