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Building Arizona's Future for Over 45 Years

Sustainability, Integrity, and Community Engagement

Since 1978, SIM has been a cornerstone of Arizona’s real estate landscape. Founded on a commitment to sustainability, integrity, and community engagement, we’ve weathered every market storm and emerged stronger. With our second generation now at the helm, we continue to build a legacy of success, one strategically located project at a time.

Experience the SIM Difference

For over four decades, SIM has stood apart by going beyond the ordinary. We believe in the power of foresighted planning, meticulous due diligence, and unwavering integrity. This dedication to excellence has allowed us to thrive in Arizona and across the Southwest, creating lasting value for our investors and communities.

SIM's multi-generational leadership provides a unique depth of experience and continuity.
We focus on strategically located projects that offer long-term value and growth potential.
Our commitment to community engagement ensures that we build projects that benefit everyone.

beyond the ordinary

Foresight, Discipline, and Integrity



Long-standing Track

Record of success

Commitment to sustainability

and integrity

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